All About Human Hair System Ventilation

All About Human Hair System Ventilation

Ventilation has a lot to do with both the appearance and durability of your hair replacement systems. Knowing a little bit about ventilation and how the hair is attached might help you achieve a better looking hair system.

How is the hair attached? The most popular types of ventilation are called knotting, injection and looping. Knotting is most commonly used in lace hair systems but can also be used with poly hair systems as well. Injection and looping are often confused with one another. Both types are only available in thin skin hair systems as they appear as if the hair is growing from the scalp.

Injection Ventilation
Is most common in thin skin hair systems as it requires a thicker base so the hair can be sealed between a layer of PU and silicone. The best part is there is no hair return. That means all the hair follicles go in the same direction so tangling is rarely an issue.

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Looping Ventilation
On the other hand means the hair is sewn through the base almost in a V or U pattern. There is a hair return with looping and it isn’t as strong as injection. However, the polyurethane layer can be much thinner.

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Knotting is most common in lace hair systems. The hair is tied around the mesh material in very tiny knots. Single knot is the easiest to lay flat and best suit a freestyle hair pattern.

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