How to choose the best hair systems for men?

How to choose hair replacement systems?


First of all, in terms of production time, there are spot delivery and customized orders, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Stock hair systems:


Advantages: The stock hair systems can be issued within 24 working hours after payment. Delivery takes about 4-5 days. If your customers urgently need a hair system, we recommend using an inventory system. We have recently added more stock models, so please email me to update the price list of stock men's toupee.


Disadvantages: Although the stock system is suitable for most customers, it is not suitable for everyone. The inventory system consists of the most common specifications, including: 8"x10" basic size, 6" hair length, 32mm fine wave, medium optical density or medium density, and various colors. The inventory system can also be reduced to a suitable size.


Custom hair systems:


Advantages: Custom hair pieces are based on the exact requirements of customers to obtain a perfect fit, feel and appearance. However, you need to remember the production time.



Disadvantages: The only disadvantage is that custom orders require longer production time. A normal male system, with a basic size of 8 inches x 10 inches, a hair length of 6 inches and a medium optical density, requires about 6-8 weeks of production time. However, our emergency service takes 1-2 weeks and provides additional costs.



Secondly, in terms of substrates, lace, leather shoes and small objects are the most common substrates. They can be combined into different basic designs. Here, we will discuss some basic material stock hair system.



French lace and Swiss lace hair systems:


Lace is the most breathable substrate. If the weather where you live is hot or humid, we recommend that you use a lace base. Also suitable for fitness enthusiasts and highly active people, French lace is also a good choice.


Swiss lace is much thinner than French lace. It is not as durable as French lace. Swiss lace can maintain the factory's largest medium optical density. We are currently designing a Swiss lace inventory system and we will notify you when it is available for sale.



Skin hair systems:


Thin skin is another very popular substrate. The skin system cannot be detected. However, compared with French lace and Swiss lace, it is not breathable. Our factory provides different skin thicknesses. The thicker the skin, the less durable the system. You can find various options on our inventory list.



0.03mm ultra-thin skin system. The air is fresh and breathable. This supernatural effect has made it more and more popular in Europe and America. Its life span is about 3-4 weeks.



0.04mm-0.06mm thin skin system. If you think the life span is too short, you should consider this model. It also has V-shaped hair, which makes it very natural.



0.07mm-0.09mm bio skin system. It can meet your requirements with imperceptible hairline and durability. We now also have medium density #1B colors to choose from.



The above three hairstyles are most suitable for brush back hairstyles, so if you like this hairstyle, you must not try these hairstyles.


0.08mm-0.12mm poly skin base and injects into the hair. Hair after injection is very natural. Male toupee and injection hair have a flatter effect. Please note that this system is suitable for front combing, we do not recommend using this mode to brush back the style.


Thin mono hair systems:


Exquisite mono, breathable and durable. It is widely used in the hair system. Fino mono can adapt to high density, including medium density and heavy density. All of our fine mono systems are medium density, very suitable for Asian and Middle Eastern markets. This model has a mono base with cut skin gauze and lace on the front. It is durable and hard to be found. In addition, cutting skin gauze allows you to cut to any size you need.



Recently, we have added more medium-density inventory models in different sizes, including 6"x8", 7"x9", and 8"x10".



Now you must have a basic understanding of the men's toupee we stock. If our inventory system cannot meet your customer needs, you need to arrange a customized order.

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