How to choose the most suitable product for you in Newtoupee?

How to choose the most suitable product for you in Newtoupee? has accumulated a lot of loyal users since its launch. We have summarized the problems of customers and sorted out an optimal strategy for selecting products. Let's take a look!

Before choosing a product, you must first clarify the hair color you need and the season you wear it, which will affect the final wearing effect, so this is very important.

The hair color is best to match the color of your other hair, and it will look very natural after wearing. Even if it is not worn well and some sideburns are exposed, it will not be eye-catching.

If you want to try some unique styles, it is recommended that you choose products with darker hair color than your original hair color, so that the combination will not look too obtrusive, but also has a sense of fashion.

If you are an older customer, you might as well try our pure gold or silver white products, which are definitely good choices.


After selecting the color, you need to choose the base style.

There are three major product styles in Newtoupee, lace base, thin skin base and mono base.

Currently, it is winter in the northern hemisphere. We recommend you to use mono base. This style has a higher density and is easier to style, and it will not have the trouble of being very hot after wearing it.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you may need a lace base, which is more breathable and comfortable.

If you only need a style that fits your skin better, choose thin skin base directly!


After clarifying the first two most important questions, you have already gone more than half of the way to choose a wig.

Next is picking the right price. Newtoupee has always had a variety of discounts and discounts. Below we will introduce a few tips to help you choose the right code and get your favorite toupee at a price you are satisfied with.


First, the latest event discount

The latest activities are usually rotated at the top of the website in the form of a banner on the home page, and you can directly click on the details page to shop through the link.

For example, on Valentine's Day a few days ago, Newtoupee launched the "Valentine's Day Promotion" event, and you can get a 10% discount immediately by using the code.

Second, discounts for new users.

Customers who come to newtoupee for the first time can enjoy this discount, a new user discount worth $15, applicable to any order, and each user can only use it once.

Third, old user discounts.

If you have been to the website and purchased a product before, no matter how much the product is, you can enjoy the old customer discount for the second purchase. The discount amount varies according to the amount of the second purchase.

Fourth, discounts for VIP users.

Customers who have purchased three times or more in newtoupee, and the order amount is more than 999 US dollars will automatically become our VIP customers. For our VIP customers, in addition to the above discounts, we will also provide customers with birthdays and major festivals. The customer provides a small surprise gift.

VIP customers can fill in their detailed information on the website after purchasing products, so that we can send gifts in time.

Fifth, recommended discount

Customers can also choose to cooperate with the website. Every time a new user is recommended to buy our products, the website will pay part of the commission according to the order amount.

This discount offer is very suitable for customers who often wear wigs and friends around them also often wear wigs. This is definitely the most economical way!

Sixth, new product guide.

After many customers come to the website, they will lose their way among many products. It is very difficult to find a product that suits them.

Customers can click on the category of CUSTOM HAIR SYSTEMS to view. This category will be classified by different materials of products, and different toupees can be selected through different classifications. Customers can buy satisfactory products at satisfactory prices.

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