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How To Install The Toupee Wig With Tapes For Your Customers - New Toupee

There are several ways to fix the hair system. First, you can use double-sided tape with glue to attach the wig, this provides additional security for the hair unit.

But how to use wig tape and glue? The following steps will help you.


Step 1: Pick up the tape and use a pair of scissors to cut it into thinner, shorter and fit the size of your customer. If necessary, you can use a scalp protector before sticking the tape to protect the customer’s own hair. After placing the tape, press down on the tape 3 or 4 times.


Step 2: Choose where you want the toupee to be and make marks on the head.


Step 3: Wipe the wig and the customer's head with alcohol. It is important to remove dirt and scalp oil before applying the tape.


Step 4: After the head is dry, apply the glue evenly to the client's scalp to make the wig secure better.


Step 5: When the double-sided tape is completely flat, pull the back of it from one side to the other.


Step 6: Place the hair wig on the head and slowly apply it to the scalp from the front to the back. Make sure the customer's hair is not taped during the process. The pressure continues to be applied to ensure that the hair system is firmly attached to the head.


Step 7: Cut the hair according to the client's requirements.

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