How to maintain your hair systems and make your hair systems look healthy?

How to maintain your hair systems and make your hair systems look healthy?

Many of the men's wigs we provide you are made of high-quality human hair that has been gently processed, such as European/Chinese Hair. Each cuticle on the European hair replacement system flows in the same direction, eliminating friction and enhancing the overall life and beauty of the hair replacement system. Both our hair systems use European hair and Chinese Hair.

Hair replacement systems made from human hair are also very versatile and attractive, with a variety of textures, densities and colors.

The degree of treatment experienced by the hair system affects its lifespan; however, the lifespan of any hair system can be greatly extended through careful care.


Maintain your hair systems

Consumers must learn how to maintain their hair replacement system. In most cases, they think they are just wearing and washing them, but this is not the case. Therefore, the user must know how to properly clean and comb the hair system.


The first thing to do is to keep your hair tangle-free. It is easy to keep the hair free of knots and tangles. This also makes the hair replacement look healthier, more refined, and more realistic, thus making the hair system more durable. We also recommend that you regularly use leave-in conditioning treatments. This will prevent the hair replacement systems from looking natural and lifeless.

Regardless of your hair systems, lace or front hair replacement system, you should apply knotting sealant on it regularly. This will keep the delicate knot in place and keep it healthy for longer.

Whether you are looking for complete hair systems, Newtoupee provides men with a variety of natural-looking, high-quality non-surgical hair replacements. Check our catalog of stock hair systems to find the one that suits you best. You can find all the solutions to the problem of hair loss in Newtoupee. We are also happy to provide you with personalized customized consultation.

If you want to try on or learn about men's hair system, please contact. With the help of our knowledgeable staff, Newtoupee is happy to help you.

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