Thin skin toupee detailed description

  Thin Skin base hair systems have become a popular choice because they are as natural and realistic as our skin and can be highly bonded to our scalp. This blog introduces the skin base hair replacement system for men from a different perspective.


    1. The ultra-thin skin toupee (02-04mm) is the thinnest of all-male wig systems, and it is impossible to feel its existence at all, and it fits on our scalp like thin cicada wings. The very thin base means that the mens wig is prone to tearing, which can damage the wig replacement system if taken off in the wrong way.

    2. The thin skin (04-06mm) base is made of transparent and fresh-keeping PU material, and also belongs to the ultra-thin toupee. Compared with the ultra-thin base hair system, the thin skin is more durable, and if properly maintained, it can last as long as 3-4 months.

    3. Thick skin base (06-08/08-10)toupees are the thickest skin and hair replacement for men. They are not as comfortable and natural to wear, but they are durable and last longer than thin skin mens wigs.

Base Material:

    1. At present, the popular skin toupee base on the market is made of PU mixed material, which is transparent and natural.

    2. Bio toupee hair system means that the base is made of a harmless and transparent biofilm, which is thicker than ordinary PU bases and can achieve longer and thicker hair.

    3. The silicon skin base is heavier and the thickest of all base materials, it can carry the highest density of hair, and it can last for at least half a year without falling off.

Ventilation Type:

    1. Manual knotting: The real human hair is manually knotted on the skin base one by one, which is very firm, not easy to fall off, and can last for a long time, but if you look closely, the knots on the base will be very obvious, not particularly natural.

    2. V-looped process: Pierce and wrap all the hair strands in a V shape on the skin material, and finally brush lightly with a thin layer of PU to fix it. The knots of this craft is invisible and very natural.

    3. Injection process: The hair is injected into the skin material with a special needle, and the hair grows vertically from the scalp just like natural hair.

    Skin mens toupee also has some disadvantages, such as not being able to carry high-density hair, and not having a particularly long service life, but which type of wig to choose depends on your own needs.

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