What is needed for custom hair systems?

Although we have many stock hair systems for men, we know that it may not meet everyone's needs. This is why New Toupee also provides customization. What many people don't know is that this process can be very long, very long, and requires proper details. Generally speaking, we recommend that you try one of our stock hairpieces before proceeding with custom orders. First, the customized toupee is the final sale, while the second order takes about eight to nine weeks to process. Therefore, if the details are incorrect, the machine will not return as expected. This article will help you understand the real needs of creating a custom hair systems.




A sample of the basic design is only needed if there is no basic design in our stock hair system or we do not know the details of the basic design required. You can send us the sample unit of the design, or write the design materials on the template.



A size sample is only required if your head profile does not meet any standard size. We can use sample units or templates to determine the size. Normally, these are required for flat heads or deeper contours. If you have used any of our hair systems and have a good profile, we just need to measure it. Sending us measurement data is a faster process because we don't have to wait for any samples. You can also purchase our quick mold custom order template.


Color samples:


If there is no color in your stock, you can send us color samples to match. The sample should have at least 50 hairs of 2 inches long. In this way, we can get a good understanding of the overall color of the device. For the grayscale percentage, you can also include the percentage in the color sample, and the factory will match the grayscale percentage with the color of the color sample.

You can also send us a sample that matches the color, but please remember that when we receive the sample, the sample you received is likely to have faded. Therefore, we will match the existing color of the sample unit.


Wavy or curly:


Curly hair is a very difficult thing. In the new wig, we do not guarantee curls after 30mm. Therefore, we always recommend that you sample the waveform. The best sample provided is the actual unit with the desired degree of crimp or crimp loop. However, if you cannot provide crimp samples, you can check our waveform comparison table.


The density sample is only needed if you want us to match the sample units. The sample with the best density has only one sample unit. If you have a density map, the factory will match the density, but again, it is based only on rings and does not provide the overall appearance of the device.


You can also use sample units to match hair style, hair texture, and hair length, although this is not required. These details can be provided on the order.


When filling in a custom order, the following details are the most important.


10 important details to complete custom hair replacement


Hair size

Base design

Hair color and percentage of gray (if gray is needed, gray, otherwise solid color)

Hair type: Indian, Chinese or synthetic soft or thick hair|Gray or synthetic hair

Hair length


Hair density

Wavy/curly hair

Hairline shape

Polygon width (if your unit has a polygon, otherwise, if you don’t know the width, we will assume it is like a stock)

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